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Regarding Complaints of 8 Months Pregnant Women and How to Overcome It

Various kinds of complaints of 8 months pregnant are generally felt by pregnant women at the age of the womb between 33 to 36 weeks. Not only easily tired, pregnant women will also feel back pain, swollen feet, to the more frequent fake contractions. All forms of discomfort and complaints about 8 months pregnant are generally influenced by significant body shape changes due to fetal growth in the womb. No need to panic, Bumil just needs to understand the cause and find out the solution. Causes and Ways to Overcome Complaints of 8 Months Pregnancy Most complaints of 8 months pregnant include complaints that pregnant women feel at the beginning and mid pregnancy, namely fatigue, heartburn (heartburn), and shortness of breath. It's just that the symptoms will be more frequent and more severe, considering that it is getting closer to the time of delivery. Here are some other complaints that pregnant women may experience at 8 months of pregnancy: Back, knee and neck pain One co
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Foods That Are Often Considered Disturbing Health, Turns Out Healthy

There is no need to feel guilty about consuming any food that you think contains only calories and less nutrients below. If processed properly and in appropriate levels, these foods and drinks turn out to be healthy. "Don't eat avocados, get fat." "Avoid eating red meat, heart disease later." "Don't eat peanut butter, gain weight." You must have heard at least one of these sentences. When in fact, what is wrong is not the food, but how do you process and consume these foods. Check Again These Foods and Drinks Below are some foods that you often hesitate to consume because they are often considered unhealthy. Come on, try to look again! Red meat lowers bad cholesterol If processed in a healthy manner, red meat is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and niacin. Eating lean red meat in moderation can also play a role in reducing bad cholesterol levels. Peanut butter decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes and hea

7 These Foods Can Help the Brain Development of Children, Mother

Mother, want your little one to grow up to be a smart kid? Begin to meet the nutritional needs of children with the right foods. Then, what foods are good for supporting children's brain development? Come on, find out together! Food not only affects the child's growth, but also affects the concentration, memory, and the ability of the brain to think. That is the reason for the importance of giving children a variety of vitamins and minerals needed during growth, especially through food. Various Foods for Child Brain Development There are various types of foods that can support a child's brain development, here are some of them: Salmon Salmon is one type of fish that is highly recommended for consumption by children. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon is good to support a child's cognitive development and improve memory. So, make sure you put salmon into the daily menu. Egg One of the egg content, namely choline, is useful to help the developme